Expert Author Anil Swarup

If the track 'Sail On' by The Commodores leaves you longing for the freedom of life on the ocean waves, it's completely understandable. Sea breezes, tantalizing horizons and no two days that are ever the same. The great news for single travelers is that many of the major cruise companies now cater especially for passengers on their own. Here are five cruise lines to consider for your next singles' cruise. Happy sailing!

Crystal Cruises
With a definite dash of opulence, Crystal Cruises is ideal for the single traveler seeking a touch of luxury. With up to 15% of their passengers traveling alone, their cruises offer singles' parties, gentleman hosts and assigned dining room seating so you're guaranteed to sit with the same people (if you want to of course!). Be sure to seek out the Creative Learning Institute. Activities on offer include language classes - ideal if you meet an enigmatic stranger speaking in a strange tongue. If your aim is to shoot for the stars don't miss the astronomy lessons!

Singles Supplement: This varies from around 25-50%.

Norwegian Cruise Lines
The cruise ship Norwegian Epic offers an astonishing 128 singles cabins, together with the Studio Lounge, an exclusive area to hang out and meet other singles. At certain times the lounge has its own bartender. For the 'morning after the night before' syndrome coffee making facilities are also on tap. What more could you ask except for no single supplement? Well, guess what....

Singles Supplement: A big fat zero

Holland America Line
Famed for their accommodating (excuse the pun) approach to singles, Holland America offers plenty of social activities that don't require partners. Ladies, be sure to take your cocktail dresses for the cocktail mixer evening. If wine is your preference, discover new tastes on a wine tasting night. Unfortunately, there are no deals for solo travelers but you can join a Single Partner's Program for same sex room sharing.
Singles Supplements: From 140 up to 200% so the Single Partner's Program is a great idea if your budget is limited (leaving more money to sample that cocktail menu!).

The P&O Azura and Ventura cruise ships boasts 18 cabins exclusively for the use of solo travelers. What's more, there are no solo supplements on these en-suite boutique style cabins kitted out with flat screen televisions. A warm welcome awaits you in your cabin with complimentary water and the alluringly named 'pamper packs'. Be sure to visit The Retreat - an adults-only haven.

Singles Supplement: Another big fat zero

Cunard offers a relaxed ambience for solo travelers who are normally assigned to dining tables with other singles. Budding thespians can take part in drama workshops and performances by the Royal Academy while gentleman hosts are available for ladies who love to dance.

Singles Supplement: Discounts are rare - up to 200%.


Expert Author Jody F Hill

Power is a forceful word. It has several meaning; both good and bad. Power is a wonderful gift that creates movement. Power from an outside source, water, or sun is good. On the other hand, power of control can be a difficult part of life. Those well meaning people who use power to control us; to do what they want vs what we choose. Either way, energy is power.

A few tips for finding success lies in the power to believing in yourself. Why are you not using that powerful energy to create income to make your life easier? Do you feel you have a personal worth issue? Ask yourself, "What's in the why behind your motivation to generate large sums of money?" Most will say, to pay the bills or I desire a better lifestyle. Is it fear of losing what you have? It doesn't matter why you want it, let's dig deeper to the real source to get you there.

The best tips I could give is to read. Read books on inspiration, personal growth, energy healing, and or how to grow your money. Successful people own the fact they don't know what they don't know. They are humble enough to learn. Learning from those who are taking this same journey. One of my favorite books is Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker. A few of his declarations are in the book are:

"I'm an excellent money manager"

"I'm a generous giver and an excellent receiver"

"I get rich doing what I love"

"I create my life. I create the exact amount of my financial success"

"I earn enough passive income to pay for my desired lifestyle"

There is power behind these declarations. When you say them, how do you feel? Do you believe you are an excellent money manager? My first thought when I said this declaration out loud was, "I could be a great manager if I had money to manage." When I realized the power behind my thoughts and words I shifted them to, "I must be an excellent money manager to manage my money perfectly." My eyes were beginning to open to new possibilities.

I began practicing with $1.00 a day. I took $50.00 to the bank and changed it into dimes and nickels. Each day I began dividing up my $1.00 (put it in my own categories - more in T. Harv Ecker's book) allowed me to practice managing my money. T. Harv Ecker states clearly, "It's not the amount that matters, it's the habit. "I made a choice to begin being that excellent money manager.

What about the power of belief? The power of choice? My quest to look inside myself, took me to learning we are energy beings and that energy is power. How we access and use that power becomes our choice.

My journey has lead me to becoming a Life Success Coach. Where is your journey taking you? Our real power comes from within. I have studied and practiced energy work - I've been where you are and the tips I share are small snipets of what I have learned. Another favorite book is The Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. She goes into detail about our second chakra; The power of relationships. She writes, "Paradoxically, while the energy of the second chakra inclines us to try to control our lives, the lesson of the second chakra is that cannot be in control. We are physical beings and energy beings, but since the physical world cannot be controlled, the task before us is to master our inner responses to the external world, our thoughts and emotions."

What you focus on expands. It's amazing how little but how much control we do have. It's a matter of choice. What motivates those choices? What source do you choose;that will determine what result you receive.

If you are looking for temporary results - keep doing what you are doing. You will continually find yourself back in the same spot. IF you are looking to permanently shift your income level then learn how to access your inner power. The choice is yours!


Expert Author Carletta Wellman

Right now, the majority of investing professionals are advising that people who are interested in investing wait until the start of the New Year before they make any moves. After all, unless and until lawmakers reach a deal over the nation's potential financial meltdown, the consumer trends are going to be difficult to predict. The deadline on the Bush era tax cuts is December 31, 2012, and President Obama's healthcare bill tax hikes will go into effect at the first of January. But, there is still enough time for booth parties to reach an agreement that could alter the circumstances, so it is best to hold onto your money at the present time. So, if you are hoping to invest, just sit back for a while and wait to see what happens.

In the meantime, we can sit around and speculate, which is basically what politics is all about anyway. How are the markets going to do next year? What will growth look like? What are some trends that are going to affect the various industries, like, say, the banking technology industry? Let's take a look:

1. Online Banking. More and more Americans are discovering how much better Internet checking is than the old-fashioned way. In this fast-paced world we live in, where everyone is divvying up their focus between their iPads and their smartphones, no one wants to be bothered with having to make trips down to their bank to deposit checks and withdraw their funds. Many individual's are turning to internet checking and online accounts, which are much more convenient.

2. Banking Fees. Another reason that people are turning to online banking is the significantly reduced amount of fees that they are accompanied by. However, most banks are hoping to cash in on this new online banking trend, and are already thinking up new ways to pry their loyal customers' hard-earned cash from their fingers.

3. Social Media. Most banks are already utilizing the benefits offered by social media outlets, and it is projected that they will expand on this trend well into the next year. Big financial institutions like Chase and Bank of America already offer their customers support services via their twitter page. Customers do like to be able to get the help they need, and social media is a great tool for banks in this regard.

4. Mobile Apps. With the increase in online banking will come the demand for more mobile banking apps for iPhone. Small business owners rely upon most of these apps to make their companies function more easily, and most banks are hoping to cash in here, as well, by charging for many of these additional services in 2013.

5. Rewards Programs. The best way to draw in customers is to make them a special offer. For banks, this can be achieved by offering account holders rewards programs. Financial institutions will be likely to increase their customer base if they are willing to increase the benefits they offer to their customers.

Expert Author Susan Leigh

-你可能有忧虑和担忧。 怎么样的钱;多少将它的成本,像出租车或保姆,指甲,衣服和美发师的杂费怎么样? 小组的其他成员怎么样。 他们是"所有"充满活力,成熟的女士还是成功的商人? 我是否适合,我的会话技巧呢?

-如果你确实觉得自以为是,过时了,还不够聪明怎么办? 有时一个小的触摸可以使所有的差异,像一个新发型,颜色鲜艳的顶部,一个独特的一块珠宝。 但请记住,它不是你的尺寸或你穿什么,使你有吸引力和有趣的人。 我怀疑那些是你遇见新的人时的问题。 给您的小组信用为是同样挑剔和知道什么是重要的。 是好公司和对其他人感兴趣是什么使您重视,组成任一个小组的部分。 像你这样的人,不是你的鞋子或口红颜色的风格。

-首先采取婴儿的步骤。 是选择性的关于邀请您接受,以便您已经是感兴趣和倾斜去。 确保有几个吸引人的因素;你舒服的几个成员组,你要去的地方是你会喜欢的地方。 您可能更喜欢去吃饭或一部电影,而不是嘈杂,忙碌的酒吧,或者是最幸福的活动像十针保龄球或一类,选择任何你觉得最轻松的。

-你觉得你已经离开了这么久,你已经失去了成人谈话的艺术,几乎没有谈论这不是孩子,工作或家庭相关的? 决定通过观看一些流行的电视来解决这个问题,保持最新的新闻,听别人,并且关注他们谈论的内容。

-并且记住,加入和是一个好观众成员并且感兴趣的倾听者,或是美好的当其他人更喜欢谈论他们自己保证,您成为一个受欢迎的加法对小组。 听是一个很好的回退位置采用。

-给自己的时间做好准备,即使你允许一整天。 留出时间来洗你的头发,来决定你要穿什么。 准备好的麻烦,往往是其他人的乐趣的来源,如果你一段时间没有社交化,可能会成为额外的压力源。

-和别人一起到那里对你来说最简单?? 也许安排电梯或提供开车,让你与一个"朋友"去,可以聊天,享受对方的公司,而不是感到单独旅行吓倒。

-安排紧急逃生路线,就像几个小时后有一个朋友的电话。 然后,如果你感到不知所措,需要脱身,你可以声称你需要在其他地方,让你的借口和离开。 知道有人在检查你可以是一种解脱和删除的感觉被困和有义务留到最后的压力。

-提醒自己,这是很重要的是要保持与外部世界连接-你不'只是'合作伙伴、父母、雇主或雇员。 继续投资于您的个人身份,并将其视为您与自己和他人关系的重要组成部分。

-考虑如何你会觉得如果你决定不去。 当然,这是你在一天结束时的选择,但不是拒绝为什么不承诺去一两个小时? 你总是可以提前离开,如果你开始感到不知所措,但提醒自己,它更有可能你会发现,每个人都在那里放松,有一个愉快的时光了。 他们都与你相似,也有问题,烦恼和担忧,同样需要一个晚上。 发现多少更好您将感觉一旦您去了和加入了。

通过再次开始社交,你正在回收你的身份,过着更大,更广阔的生活。 所以往往别人分享你的恐惧和担忧。 请记住,你并不孤单!
Expert Author Maurice Lorenz-Andree
许多年前,在我退休之前,我接受了柔道的温柔艺术,但我真正的热情一直是自卫的艺术。 要清楚,自卫是一门艺术,不只是一个随机的技巧或个人技术采取从其他门派学科,DVD或互联网,可悲的是许多这些技术失败的街道上。

我真正的理解自卫来的时候,我是一个成员42突击柔道俱乐部下D.唐顿,马耳他岛第三丹,在我的皇家空军服务在50年代末期.这我以为会是一个地方,我 我真的很兴奋,准备好学习,除了,它从来没有像我想象的那样发生过。

首先,作为一个熟练的柔道我已经采取了一个一对一的自卫课程下在伦敦第四丹之前,我发布,这是一个非常激烈和现实的过程,我觉得真的有信心,好,太 我准备展示我的自卫(柔道)针对这些经验丰富的突击队,它不是很快我加入后,我被要求证明我的自卫,并被邀请在垫子上站在他的一个突击队(柔道)学生. 我一点也不知道,这将是我的"黑岩糟糕的一天"-那部着名的电影与斯宾塞*特雷西?

在这个时候,我记得我认为这个示范不应该花我太长时间,突击队教练给了一个公平的警告,突击队将模拟一个真正的街道攻击,而不是一个友好的一对 不幸的是我的防守技术完全失败了,我在我的背上结束,非常震惊和非常惊讶,如果这种情况发生在街上,他可以踢我死后跟着他的攻击.

之间的主要区别自卫实行武术道场,和自卫对街道上的一个真正的攻击是-在街上打架,没有规则,没有特殊的技术,他将用它来攻击他的受害者,它可能只是一个粗糙的攻击,以获得在地面上的受害者,因为在一个意外的意外攻击。 同样,在一对一的交换中,攻击者使用相同的"没有特殊技术或"特定技能",但作为额外的优势,他可能有一种武器作为威胁或手段来使受害者失望。 在大多数情况下,他会研究或挑选他的受害者;在这里他必须感觉到他在控制,觉得他可以成功地把他的受害者下来。 控制是他成功的关键,从他身上拿走,你会降低他的信心,他的成功能力-你不再是容易的受害者。

在一个道场有规则,他们也坚持严格的学科,其目的是不伤害或伤害你的对手,对象是由一扔,提交或反投得分点和实践或比赛结束在这一点上。 在这个过程中的气氛是友好和尊重-你表现出你的尊重你的对手,当你鞠躬之前和之后的实践或比赛。 值得注意的是在西方武术拳击的对手握手在战斗的开始,然后继续敲狗屎七个钟声出对方; 其中一个规则是,你可以干预和投掷毛巾,阻止一个人杀死另一个。 在我看来,一个拳击手的攻击性思维和攻击技能以及他的唯一目的是伤害和殴打他的对手,在许多情况下,在街上一对一交流中是理想的;它与练习武术学生形成鲜明对比,但拳击当然不是女性自卫学生的理想选择。

正如在所有的事情,知识是不够的。 您将需要实践您所选择的自我防御系统或战术-您无法学会驾驶汽车从DVD或书。

在我的下一篇文章中,我会告诉你为什么我的自卫对这个突击队失败,以及道场自卫和街道自卫之间的区别。 它将彻底改变你对自卫的看法,以及你如何在家中或街上对一个极其恶毒和暴力的攻击者做出反应。

Expert Author Maurice Lorenz-Andree
"自卫"的主要目的是避免对抗,例如在酒吧,城市地区或街道示威。 在我在马耳他的英国皇家空军服务期间,我们一群人进入了马耳他首都瓦莱塔市中心的这家餐厅。 在我们用餐结束时,我们准备走出去,正如我们所做的那样,我们看到一大群反英国的抗议者朝我们走来。 虽然我们没有穿制服,但我们仍然被认定为英国人。


回避和意识是自卫和一个关键组成部分;许多自卫老师我遇见了在过去投入了巨大的重点在这与他们的学生。 我所说的许多学生也同意这在避免对抗中发挥的关键作用。 例如:

1)总是走路面临交通。 一个人走在同一方向的交通可以从后面跟着被抓住,并被迫进入一辆车。

2)当沿街走,不要在您的手机说话。 专注于你在哪里,你的标题。




但是"如果"一切都失败了? 如果你已经采取了所有这些预防措施,但仍然措手不及,发现自己面临着一个危险的情况-你是neither不能够运行或离开这个突然的危险? 在这种情况下,你会在一个非常危险的地方,你应该恢复到自卫技术,需要最小的努力来实现最大的结果:在柔道和斗牛练习相同的原则。

在柔道中,当练习或比赛中的对手发现自己处于这个关键的平衡点时,他可以被攻击并成功抛出的确切时刻。 在自卫,您学会怎么使用您的对手的力量和动量作为工具为您自己防御。 在斗牛士的竞技场中,斗牛士巧妙地避开了公牛的攻击线(bull's attack line),并为他的进攻做好了准备。





在)维护这空间在您和他之间(采取一步后面如果需要)并且,因为他继续接近您,叫喊在一个非常指挥和大声的声音,"停止"-"BACK OFF"-"BACK OFF"(您这里采取情况的命令)。 如果他继续挺身而出,并试图使一个抓住或打击你,帕里伸出手臂或打击手,在同一时间作为走出他的攻击线。 跟进踢到他的下半身的脆弱部位,然后再运行。 这些都是移动,将需要几秒钟,以最小的努力,其次是最大的罢工或打击,将阻止他追求你。 在这里,你已经成功地控制了他的行动,走出他的攻击线(避免充电公牛),同时击中他的下半身的重要组成部分(就像斗牛士会用他的剑刺穿公牛)。

在这种情况下,不要试图打击他,而他接近你;他是警觉的,他会抓住你的arm膊或腿。 当你打他,你的招架后,永远不会踢膝盖以上;相反,用一个单元踢他的膝盖帽。

在B)还没有身体攻击,他只是抓住你(但他的意图仍然是做你身体上的伤害),所以在这里你可以戳他的脚踝,用你的elbow膊肘撞击他的肋骨或脖子,打破保持然后运行或走开。 所有这些举动将再次采取几秒钟的最小的努力只是一个问题。

我没有空间进入更详细的方案和技术在这篇文章中。 我在这篇文章的主要目的是告诉你,你可以用最小的努力,停止恶性攻击,并与一个非常具体的打击,将阻止他在他的轨道,你走开反击它。 最大效果的最小努力原则也适用于老年人或其他脆弱的人使用喷雾,手杖,雨伞或一串钥匙。 你不必是一个突击队或第四丹黑带有效地保卫自己。

Expert Author Maurice Lorenz-Andree
为什么,在伦敦我们的第四大丹之一下进行了为期4周的自卫训练之后,我没有在突击队柔道俱乐部的一个积极的突击队员身上保护自己免受真实,模拟和不可预测的街道攻击。 一个真正的街头霸王模拟高峰,地狱一心想要让你失望,在突然袭击中大约需要3到4秒或更少。

我对在伦敦接受的自卫训练非常有信心,这是非常成功的。 我自信地能够保护自己免受一些模拟的城市攻击。 在这个突击队模拟攻击,我没有为他的攻击速度准备。 此外,我尝试了一种典型的柔道自卫技术来对抗一个不可预测的,积极的和快速移动的攻击者。



关于(a),永远不要试图抛出一个快速移动的攻击者,因为他永远不会给你正确的机会尝试抛出。 如果一些机会,你是成功的,他会更有可能吸收扔,因为他击中地板,这将真的惹他走了。 此外,你现在正在进入他的空间,让他有机会身体攻击你。 虽然你专注于踩着尝试你的投掷,但他的手可以自由地以各种方式打击你,他可以轻松地踢你-你完全容易受到他的攻击,并且尝试在城市混战或酒吧中

至于(b),避免进入他的空间,因为攻击者的主要目的是接近你,以便他可以身体攻击你。 因此,避免与攻击者接近(身体)是非常重要的。 当有人抓住你,或试图拥抱你,你的第一反应总是试图摆脱他,你的动物生存本能是逃避。 因此,永远不要给任何人机会接近你。

提示-当平方到一个突击队员时,不要对他微笑或笑容。 老实说,他认为你在撒尿。 不,你不是一个柔道的朋友;你的东西,他认为需要采取下来痛苦的快乐记忆的痛苦经历。


在自卫的情况下,你从一个可能的致命的对抗走开,你避免了可能的问题。 避免给您90%自卫成功率。 我以前认识很多自卫教师,他们的学生很容易避免对抗或可能的对抗,而且没有回应身体防卫的情况。

突击队被训练来寻求他的敌人,致残或杀死他;他的心态和目的是摧毁和成功,他必须使用最致命的攻击手段。 你不是一个突击队。

在自卫,您应该从未试图投掷您的攻击者,如同上述被提及。 你能想象一位10石头的年轻女士试图抛出一个16石头的布鲁塞,谁只会抓住她,并把她和他一起打倒? 有罕见的情况下,当攻击者不会提出自己一扔,但抛出是不会让他失望.

另一个最喜欢的道场"技术"教易受伤害的年轻女士是放置一个人的绿巨人进入一个手臂锁,当他抓住她的翻领或手臂OWO,辉煌,这些往往是教在许多Dojos的"黑带"! 它不承担思考她现在是什么,在一个停车场或小街的黑暗角落,应该做这个男人在一个手臂锁??????

如果90%的成功自卫是基于回避和意识,那么当一切都失败了,当没有地方跑到或离开时,你能做些什么呢? 在这些关键时刻,你必须以最小的努力和最大的效果执行你的身体反应。
Expert Author Jan A Yoder
作为一个女人被抢劫或殴打的恐惧是非常真实的,这个问题每天都在增长。 个人自我保护的重要性是必须的,知道如何保护自己肯定会带给你安心。.

我总是选择阻力最小的路径。 部分是否认,部分是缺乏兴趣。 多么愚蠢! 统计数据显示,美国三分之一的女性将在其一生中遭到袭击。 这肯定引起了我的注意,我需要把头伸出沙子,并成为保护自己的主动。

所以我开始研究如何保护自己。 我需要找到我的兰博的一面。


我的儿子已经采取了Ta拳道,这是他一个伟大的经验。 他获得了信心,知道他可以为自己辩护。 有几种不同风格的武术供您探索。 对我来说,我知道这不是一条可行的路线。 坏的膝盖、痛苦的腿和可怜的手腕是阻碍我的训练的几件事。

任何形式的武术可以保护自己有益。 这些课程是讨论你的动作,需要帮助和结交新朋友的社交聚会。 加入整个家庭,你可以建立信心在一起,它开辟了沟通,让你更接近。 真是一个伟大的方式来获得乐趣。



我没有使用胡椒喷雾或眩晕枪的产品的个人经验,但我一直在考虑胡椒喷雾产品随身携带。 我发现很快做出选择并不容易。

在早期的历史红辣椒被中国用作自卫。 随着时间的推移胡椒喷雾在折磨罪犯和奴隶变得有用。 直到20世纪80年代,辣椒最终被开发为胡椒喷雾,并被执法机构认定为非致命武器。

现在到了令人困惑的部分。 当胡椒喷雾变得可供平民购买时,你必须考虑一些事情。 每个州都有其使用的法律和准则。 如: