7 Tips on How to Lower Uric Acid in the Body Naturally Without Medication

Expert Author John Cielo
There are many natural ways to eliminate gout. And many of these are specifically used to lower uric acid in the body. Here, I share with you 7 tips on how to reduce your uric acid naturally without having to depend on medication.
1. Drink Water Regularly
Keep hydrated to help prevent the formation of urate crystals in your joints. Plenty of water also helps to expel excess acid from your body. Drink at least 2.0 litres daily for gout prevention but more during an actual gout attack. It's particularly beneficial if you can get your hands on water with a pH greater than 7.0.
2. Avoid High-Purine Foods
Uric acid is produced as chemical compounds called 'purines' break down during our body's metabolizing process. But purines also are present in our food. Some foods are high to very high in purines whilst others are relatively low. So avoid high-purine foods like meat, organ meat, game, fish, shellfish, and poultry.
3. Avoid / Minimize Alcohol Intake
Alcohol, especially beer, is recognized as one of the main triggers for gout. Fermented drinks contain purines the consumption of which can raise acid levels. But alcohol also tends to dehydrate the body which encourages urate crystal formation.
4. Take Vitamin C
Studies have shown that vitamin C can increase the rate at which uric acid is excreted from the body. Through high vitamin C foods and / or supplements, this is a powerful agent for reducing uric acid levels. Use to combat an actual attack and also for ongoing prevention.
5. Maintain a Healthy Weight
Studies have linked being overweight to a higher risk of raised acid levels. Part of the reason could be that there is more body tissue to produce uric acid. Another could be that being overweight is often accompanied by high blood pressure which can affect the kidneys' ability to eliminate excess acid from the body.
6. Avoid Sugar
Studies have highlighted a link between sugar, or rather fructose, and gout. An American study showed a 74% increased risk of gout in women who drank a daily 'sugary' drink, whilst a UK study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that sugary drinks increased the gout risk in men.
7. Consume Plenty of Fruits & Berries
Many types of fruit have natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And several have been shown to lower uric acid levels in the body. Cherries, in particular, have been shown to help reduce acid levels. Other fruits to consider are blueberries, grapes and strawberries.
[Note: Be aware that you should talk to your physician before making any significant changes to your diet.]
So those are my 7 tips to help you reduce the uric acid in the body without drugs.
In this short article, there hasn't been the time nor space to go into these remedies in detail nor about the ton of other natural ways available to eliminate gout.
Nevertheless these seven tips will give you a very solid start on your journey to being totally gout-free.
Next, if you want more details about lowering uric acid without medication, there's a downloadable report that has everything you need in one place...


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